Our mission: Change the narrative around Africa

We were convinced of this, but more than ever, the year 2020 proved it to all: our continent is an incredible breeding ground for solidarity, innovation, and creation. At Global Mind Consulting, we are convinced that public relations must contribute to the change of narrative around Africa and make us realize, in the most objective way, what is really happening on our continent. Our mission, as public relations professionals, is to promote this African expertise and its talents, by identifying and valuing our AfroChampions.

We support individuals and organizations in their positioning strategy, defining their messages and enhancing their image, in order to increase the echo and the impact of their actions.

Fort de 10 ans d’expertise sur le continent, Global Mind Consulting jouit d’une excellente maîtrise du contexte africain. Notre équipe de consultants analyse pour vous les grands enjeux de développement, tendances économiques et évolutions sociales et politiques afin de garantir un accompagnement sur-mesure et adapté aux réalités de vos territoires, en travaillant main dans la main avec des partenaires médias locaux, panafricains et internationaux.


Seynabou Dia SALL

A public relations expert, Seynabou Dia has an in-depth knowledge of corporate communication. Head of communication for a network of African executives for two years now, Seynabou played an active role in organizing major events at the information office of the European Parliament and Sciences Po Paris.
Also coordinator of the launch of the World Festival of Negro Arts in France, Seynabou joins UNESCO’s permanent delegation of Senegal where she worked, for three editions, on the organization of the African Culture Gala.

In 2009, she founded Global Emergence, based between Washington DC and Paris, with which she supported political figures and their image by preparing their public and media interventions at events such as the Transatlantic Minority Political Leadership Conference. Seynabou is involved in the organization of the first National Forum on Entrepreneurial Diversity and is responsible for organizing Congressional Black Caucus’s political and economical missions in Washington DC. For four years, Seynabou was Vice-President of the European Collective for the Development of African Countries, where she used her understanding and experience on sustainability and endogenous development to further educational projects in place.

Guided by her desire to promote the actors of the economic transformation of the African continent, she founded, in 2012, Global Mind Consulting, based in Libreville and now in Dakar. An ambassador for the Women in Africa network since its inception, Seynabou regularly leads capacity-building sessions dedicated to the youth and women entrepreneurs on the continent. Also named “African Woman of the Year” in 2017, Seynabou stood out in 2019 at the Diasporas Awards and was featured on Financial Afrik as one of the “100 Who Transform Africa” in 2019 and 2020. In 2021, she was recognized in the #NaoleMedia40 ranking, an unpublished list of the 40 most inspiring African women in the communication and media industry, in French-speaking Africa and its diaspora.

Our team
of consultants

Based in Dakar and Libreville, our consultants work closely with specialists from across the continent.

Kag Sanoussi

Senior Advisor

Expert in Negotiation Intelligence and initiator of the concept of Central Thinking for effective management of co-divergences, Kag was the first Secretary-General of the French Diversity Charter, and Regional Director of the National Agency for Social Cohesion and Equal Opportunities, in France. Head of the firm’s training department, he brings his expertise on geostrategic issues, conflict management, leadership, management, reception techniques, and crisis communication.

Shiraz Moughni

Head of West Africa Development and Project Manager

With a master’s degree in Public Affairs and Political Communication, Shiraz has various experiences within the public and private sector, in France and internationally. It was in Africa where Shiraz was the head of communication and institutional relations at an international event, dedicated to the innovation and the empowerment of women in the digital industry. Convinced that our continent is going through major changes, he advises and supports, in their positioning and their communication strategy, the political and economic actors engaged in this dynamic.

Manon Massiat

Head of Communication and Project Manager

With a master’s degree in Public Affairs and Political Communication, Manon was the head of communication for a French organization dedicated to unifying the engagement of citizens and businesses and thus facing the great challenges of the 21st century. After several experiences in corporate foundations and NGOs, in France and Asia, Manon has always been convinced that individuals and organizations have the potential and power to transform their environment and society. Head of communication at the firm, Manon supports clients in defining their brand image and their positioning strategy on the continent.

Johan N’sitou N’sitou

Communication and Project Manager

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Johan has been assisting the firm’s clients in the implementation of their communication projects and actions in Gabon and Central Africa for the past 4 years.


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